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The world

“I never saw the point in trying,” she said.
And all I wondered was how cruel the world had been to her in order for someone to be so destroyed.

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The curse

I want to do you everywhere
All over your new apartment
In the bedroom
Kitchen counter
On the hallway floor
Stain your white painted walls
Your newly waxed floors
So that when I leave
My memory will be all over
And you’ll regret
You ever invited me in.

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The hypocrite

To accept an apology
Yet not forgive
To move one
Yet not forget
You’re the one who still wants to be in my life
And this is the only way
I can let you stay
If only
For a while.

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It sickens her
The thought
The feeling
The contemplation of everything
Of everything and nothing
Of nothing
The nothingness of a nobody
Yet somebody
Not daring to open mouth
A deadly disease.

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To unhate

Just these words
To tell you I’m fine
Never thinking
I’d be alright

This past year
Piling of downs
Always a reason
To deepen a frown

So thank you I guess
Or whatever they say
Never thought
I’d make it ’til today

I wanted to add
That I’ve forgiven you too
With the disappearing love
I’ve successfully learnt
How to unhate you.

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To hibernate

Suntanned hips
Oh where did the love go
As winter’s tricks
The hibernating of lips
Oh will it be
Yet another year
Until soaked in rays
Sun kissed.

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A heaven

Does it always look like this?
Oh darling, you haven’t even seen the best yet.

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