The escapist

Have you traveled far, Monsieur
For you look awfully tired
Was the flight perhaps delayed
Or did the train never arrive
Did your taxi leave you hanging
In the midst of rush-hour time
Was the service not of quality
Did the food leave you weak
Are your suitcases too heavy
Please sir, do have a seat
Your face is not of color
A glass of water, a cup of tea
Is there anything we can do for you
To make you feel at ease

Miss, the journey I have traveled
The hours I have spent
On sleepless nights
All my money dispensed
Nothing to do with others
But one
Excuse my color
I believe I’m drained
A glass of water
Will never ease the pain
A room for the night
Will do just fine
Completely torn apart
By this heartache of mine.


12 thoughts on “The escapist

    1. Haha no, no escapist. But life is busy like crazy and I’m having a hard time keeping up with the blogging. Next weekend I’ll be traveling to a calmer place and hopefully have time to plunge into the blogosphere. How are you doing? How’s your new co-habitant?

      1. I am fine in a Winter worshipping sort of way πŸ™‚ Co-inhabitant-you mean our new student? He doesn’t arrive for another fortnight yet. When I told my seven year old daughter Millie that we had a four week break before our new student arrived she punched the air and shouted “Yes!” When I said that I thought she enjoyed us being a host family, she replied “I do-but ?I need a break from having to play with them. It’s tiring.” We’ve had a sixteen year old and a twenty year old. Hope our eighteen year old Swiss-German knows how to dress up Barbie dolls when he arrives.

      2. Oh I am Longing! I am yearning! I am indulging in substance abuse to get through the days! (Not really, I think you know me better πŸ™‚ ) Actually we received an email just yesterday from the student to be, introducing himself, which was nice.
        By the way-last week I finished reading that book you told me about: What I Loved. It was great, and I’ve recommended it to a friend on my FB and Goodreads. Described it as a book I was turned onto by a Swedish woman in Brussels on her way to Paris messaging me in the Culture Capital of the world πŸ™‚ Great book. Thank you.

  1. nice piece, enjoyed the point of view shift, the thought processes, and the sparse style (esp. in 2nd half) reflecting the fragmented thoughts, tiredness/tired-to-detatched, and eventual level of feeling. πŸ™‚

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