Out of periphery
He makes his way
I wonder
Would it hurt
If I kissed him too?


15 thoughts on “Untouchable

  1. ‘If I kissed him too’. Hmm. That could mean if I kissed him as well as do something else. (I keep it clean 🙂 ) Or if I kissed him as another person(s) is kissing him.
    Five lines that suggest different scenarios.

      1. Another has come to mind. If you kissed him too, meaning as well as all the other people you are kissing. I’ve just got an image of you going wild in a town center, latching onto everyone that is passing you by. A whirlwind of pout.
        You Swedish! 🙂

      2. The whirlwind of pout and ripped jeans is indiscriminate-latching onto beleaguered men everywhere. Some are willing, some are reluctant, some are getting hit over the head by their angry wives.

      3. ‘The whirlwind of pout and ripped jeans.’
        That will be how I always see you now.
        The Swirling Swede. The Ravishing Rosebud 🙂

      4. Please don’t ruin my image 🙂
        My second one is a little more classy-sat at an outdoor table drinking cocktails, reading City Jackdaw.
        Classy and good taste 🙂 Is that nearer the mark?

      5. Classy and rebellious….let’s see…you are sat drinking cocktails at an outside table in Brussels, naked but behind a placard that reads ‘Creative Freedom For Bloggers’, and you tip the waiter while quoting Rimbaud.
        Cue record number of followers 🙂

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