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A no

Good morning
No, I’m sorry

No, forgive me

No, this is not a love story.

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The kiss

The kisses of your lips
The tracing of your contours
The touch of clear sight
How many have there been before
Is it a pattern
A repeat
Or will she be able to say
When asked
You’ve arrived
At the end
Of the one-way street.

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To like

Like me back
I want him
And him
And him, and him, and him
For the night
For the week
For a month or two
No there’s no kidding
Any him will do better than you.

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To cry

I cried that day
Not because you left
But because I knew
By your leaving
I had lost you
I cried because even though I knew you were going to write
I was never going to read your words
Even though I knew you would send your warmth
I was never going to feel your heat on my skin
The final goodbye
Because there would be no more hello
That was why I was sad
That was why I cried
And when reflecting upon it today
I think that is why
I am still crying.

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Weekend lover

All I want to do is scream out loud
It’s you, it’s you, it’s you!
It’s always been you

But all that leaves my lips
Is a silent whisper of hint
How about Saturday?

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To fail

Where she went
I never knew
Except this evening
When I found her with you.

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To melt

“What?” she asked.
“I love you. That’s all.”

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