To C

I’m sorry
I’m so awfully sorry
I’m sorry for stealing your kisses
I’m sorry for turning my cheek
I’m sorry for crushing your hope
I’m sorry for holding on yet letting go
For taking a part of you which I cannot give back
For the borrowed book
I returned when the library had shut for good
It was always too little, too late
Or too much, too soon
I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy
I’m sorry I cried
I’m sorry I made you cry
But most of all
I’m sorry that these words aren’t enough
To heal the heartbreak I caused
Forgive me
Even though I know you can’t.


6 thoughts on “To C

  1. Heartbreaking, I can relate strongly to this. How often I wished I had had the words (and the actions) to change course before the collision. Weighted words, I hope that in expelling them onto this page, some ground might be regained. Poignant, though well written. Take care, and thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you, Michael!
      Yes, writing it down surely helps and I had to rewrite it a couple of times because it just didn’t make sense in the beginning. Couldn’t find a flow, the right words to use. But I know that had to do more with the story itself and the feelings behind. Thanks for your support! x

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