The story

There are so many stories which our lips carry, arguably perhaps more than our heart. Our lips have actually touched another person. Our lips have mimicked out the words felt by our heart. They’re the ones that form into a downward crest before the heart has a chance to react, before the eyes overwhelm with icing waters of hurt. Our lips are the ones that suddenly cascade in an upward spiral when the heart meets someone pleasant to the eye or when our feet are attacked by soft tickles of another’s fingers. They’re the ones that embrace chapped skin when another’s lips touch ours in winter, the ones who linger slowly on the forehead of a heartfelt other. Our lips have spoken words of regret, words of anger, words of hopefulness. They’ve pleaded, they’ve begged, they’ve wished, they’ve sprinkled words of happiness, all under the direction of the well-covered heart. In this trail of confused thought, it makes me wonder, have our lips loved more than our beating heart will ever be capable of? And if our lips could speak freely, what would they actually say?


Inspired by Augury and Memory 

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19 thoughts on “The story

  1. Andy says:

    Poetically put! Beautifully posed!
    Words are thoughts given form. The cause that elicits an effect, equal to the sentiment imbued. Like for like. Words of love, or words of spite. The vocalised two sides of our nature. How we speak betrays the stirrings in our heart. Eventually.

  2. Andy says:

    It’s already started this morning though, coming in slow with a light drizzle.

  3. andy1076 says:

    I wanted to take it all in, before I replied commented and what I can think of in the end? is we don’t often speak the words in our hearts do we?

    • Yes, I was thinking somewhere along those lines as well. There must be some kind of filter, perhaps at times a disconnection between our hearts and what actually comes out. At the same time out lips act as a kind of barrier for both good and bad, protecting the heart. I just wonder how often it’s first the lips acting, then the heart…

  4. you’re so talented, you remind me of how much i love the art of writing:)
    well done xxx

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