Good luck

Good luck surviving
But he had already gone
How can a person leave another with those words
Hanging in air
I’d wish to say
No impact
But frankly
Confusion is too weak of a word.


6 thoughts on “Good luck

  1. Good luck surviving indeed, as if the end doesn’t already mean moving on to better things. Great poem however, you quite exactly portrayed the (for lack of a better word, as pointed out) confusion in such parting words. I thoroughly enjoyed this, simple and effective, even if now I’m going to be bothered by what could possess someone to think that would be an effective shot to take on their way out the door. Thank you for this.

    1. Yes, it’s a quite peculiar choice of words, which actually says more of the sender than receiver I think. I’m glad it’s lead to further thinking but don’t be too bothered. The effect it had was none other than this poem which would be quite a disappointment in his eyes.
      Thanks for stopping by and reading my work! I’ve been checking your poetry and I’m very inspired. You write with such flow.

      1. Thank you for the compliment, I’ve always enjoyed considering the perspectives of others, it spells out things that I could never know through myself alone. Your poetry is wonderful, I’ve yet to read a piece that hasn’t impressed me.

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