The ocean

This breeze
Waves to shore
Dim sunlight
A new morning
To set sail on horizon
I seek peace
I find serenity
May this moment last.


12 thoughts on “The ocean

  1. This is the type of poem I meant when we were talking about your Observations On A Metro series-the type to do when in Paris. I really love this style-they are my favourite of your writing. This one is great too.
    And ‘Ocean’-we are in tandem today aren’t we? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Andy! Just reading your comment is very heart warming. It really lightens up my day 🙂
      Indeed, the ocean is such an inspiring place – oh sorry, I mean liminal. Great minds think alike!

      1. Yes! Liminal! Well remembered 🙂
        I have returned to this poem a couple of times-undoubtedly a favourite. It’s the kind of poem I would be proud of-but it’s yours! I look forward to the French Observations series 🙂

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