To give

Will that be all, miss?
Are you implying
I’ve shopped too little
Is my pain not enough
My eyes cried out
My body full of scars
If by all you mean
The selling of heart
The breaking of soul
And the price there of accordingly high
Then yes, that will be all
I can afford
On this trip to
Life as it is
Commonly known as
Hellโ€™s grocery store

He stared me down
A question on face
Anything else?
Iโ€™ve given you my all, Sir
Isn’t that enough for today.


8 thoughts on “To give

  1. Conversational again, but also in a way different from your usual writing. Maybe even a style outside your comfort zone, but still dealing with heartbreak and hurt. I’m not sure-what do you think?

    1. Well I’ve written stuff like this before but never published. Wanted to give it a go and see what it felt like. I feel quite comfortable with this style but you’re completely right in that it’s very different from my usual writing. This kind of stuff comes out late at night. Does that ever happen to you when you write? Different styles depending on time of day?

      1. Oh yes, I guess so, as different times of day evokes different moods. It’s easier to be light when it’s light, and dark when it’s dark!
        Sometimes though it’s in the intention-if you sit to write something in a certain way, a certain style. But sometimes that changes, and the poem takes on a life of its own. Remember my poem based on your angel-that then changed into a description of church gargoyles? That was quite unintentional.

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