To drink

I want to be drunk
In your arms
I want you to pull me in
Grab me, whisper in my ear
Let’s go back to where we were before
We’ll be wild
We’ll be passionate
In the morning we’ll wake
We’ll be crazy
That’s what you do
Drive me crazy, every time
As I leave
I’m still intoxicated
I’m still riding the wave
I’m still drunk on you.


25 thoughts on “To drink

    1. None so far. But I’m leaving early morning on a voyage to Paris so perhaps drinking would be a bit irresponsible of me. Then again, imagine being intoxicated of someone a Saturday in the city of love…

      1. You should have came to paris when I was there last week. I would have given you the Bourbon Narrative tour. That would have been quite interesting yes?

  1. Appsolutely love your words because they are so beautiful just like you, just wish I was in Paris to drink your love xxx

  2. This one seems to have grabbed people’s attention 🙂
    You’ll be wild and passionate and hot. Then you will leave. With or without one last, casual, backward glance?

      1. Then satisfaction is, well, satisfactory. Your trip to Paris-is this just a short excursion or is it your ‘big move’?

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