To hurt a little

He spoke.
“Sometimes you just have to let each hour hurt a little. To let each second feel like a minute. To let the pain just be there. And I promise you, one day an hour won’t feel like an eternity, a minute will simply be sixty seconds which pass by with no further thought. But until that day comes, until that day when you wake up and the pain no longer lingers, the seconds no longer mess with your mind, I’ll be there. I’ll be a phone call away, a text message around the corner. I’ll sit with you and your pain in silence, in tears, in anger. I’ll scream with you, I’ll cry with you, I’ll do it all. It will get better. You just have to let it hurt a little first.”


8 thoughts on “To hurt a little

  1. Yeah I get that last bit. You bottle things up and it begins to fester. You have all that emotional angst pent up it begins to work in you, against you. Stress, anxieties, ulcers, worse-feeling the emotion is to start to let it go. Feeling the pain is starting upon the road to healing. Is this to what you are referring?

    1. That’s exactly what I’m referring to. Feeling the pain but also having someone there by your side, so that you’re never alone with your emotions. Often people are told “don’t worry, it’s going to be okay one day” and of course it is. But when someone’s hurting it’s difficult to be okay and fight the pain by themselves, and so it’s easier to just ignore the pain at that moment. If you have someone by your side, who doesn’t judge, who will cry with you, who will hug you tight or be the receiver of your punches, then maybe you can accept the pain for awhile, thus beginning your healing process.

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