The butterfly effect


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17 thoughts on “The butterfly effect

  1. andy1076 says:

    wow nice tattoo girl! 🙂

  2. Andy says:

    That is long did it take you to get the butterfly to land there, Rosebud with the rose?!

    • Well, I’m not gonna lie, it did take a
      while. But it was during my morning walk close to the beach so I didn’t mind waiting around for this beautiful creature to land picture perfectly 🙂

      • Andy says:

        Thought you was going to tell me you were some kind of meditative, Tibetan monk attracting God’s creatures with your calm vibes! And morning walk along the beach-yep I’m jealous.

      • Oh how I wish I was at times more zen! But the beach does do the trick. Highly recommended! No water nearby you in Manchester?

      • Andy says:

        No-not ocean anyway. There are some local woods I like to escape to. They house a small river, and also four fishing lodges-little lakes. I have to make do with those.
        You know the Celtic idea of ‘thin places’? Well the water’s edge, be it sea, river, lake, any liminal place is considered a thin place. A sacred spot, conducive of inspiration and more. We poets know it.

      • The woods are amazing and so peaceful. Nature in general is quite calming I find. Thanks for the insight! I couldn’t agree more with the idea of ‘thin places’ 🙂

      • Andy says:

        Yeah sometimes, when life has taken over and I’ve not escaped for a number of days, I begin to get restless and feel the need to get out. That’s when I reconnect. A walk in the woods. Even just a half hour on the field with the dog. Preferably at my favourite time of day-twilight, just before dusk. You get a real sense of the world settling down. Can I bore you with another Celtic phrase, Ms Blogger?

      • I do exactly the same when I’m back in the city.
        You never bore me Andy, fire away!

      • Andy says:

        🙂 Well when we speak of liminal places like the water’s edge, twilight is another liminal place. It is referred to as ‘the time between time’, neither day nor night. Their sacred days are the same-Samhain or as we know it Halloween (Boo!) is another one. A thin time as it’s the time when the divides between this and the next one are at their thinnest, but also inspirational when this permeability may allow creativity to bloom.
        As for inspiration-we may regard the act of creation, putting it poetically, as taking place within the heart or within the soul and finding expression. The Celtic expression of inspiration is ‘the fire in the head.’
        Here endeth the lesson 🙂 School’s out for summer.

      • This is lovely. Thank you Andy! I’m inspired and enlightened. Where can I sign up for more summer school?! 😀

      • Andy says:

        Stay tuned in-I shall be your home tutor. But beware-I set homework 🙂

      • I was always the teacher’s pet 😉

  3. words4jp says:

    This is so totally cool:)

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