I write because my words are few
To speak at times
Impossible to do

Courage I carry inside of me
The need to show
Often secondary

Who is this I with many shields
During winter’s war
And summer’s fields

Stay a while and you might see
The depth of my person
A life’s story I might reveal.


12 thoughts on “Why?

    1. Inspired by the current extreme heat we’ve experienced here in Sweden. I’m in the south at the moment and took a bike ride along the coast yesterday. 50km on a bike with no gears and strong winds. The summer landscape is so different from the dramatic winter one. It’s quite amazing when you think of how nature changes dramatically as well, having many layers.

      1. Yes that is one of my greatest inspirations. I love the seasons and the transformation they bring. I love the outdoors. I did a post a while back about inspiration. It went something like ‘all I need is trees, the sea and sky, but not my loved ones. All is born in longing.’ Might not be verbatim, but you get the gist 🙂
        I really must visit your country one day.

      2. Beautiful wording! I agree with you – seasons are the best, especially those few weeks during transition time.
        Love those days a lot.
        Let me know if you plan a trip and I would gladly help you out with as much as I can! 🙂

      3. Thank you, that would be great. Although it won’t be in the immediate future purely due to circumstance, but
        I definitely want to visit. I’m always looking North-I like Scotland and the Highlands, and my favourite place is Orkney. Next in my sights is Scandinavia. Have even began to learn Swedish-but give me a while, yes? 🙂
        In the meanwhile, after reading this post, thinking of the poetess travelling along the coast inspired me to write a short-very short-poem which I’m about to post.
        From whence comes inspirations, eh? 🙂

      4. Keep on learning and then come visit us here in the North. I’ve been around the whole of Sweden and have relatives from North of the arctic circle to the most southern point of Sweden. Be glad to help you out!

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