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The mirror

Mirror me black
For the darkness you see
A reflection of two
You versus me

It’s a battle of wills
Spit of the fire
Within us lies hate
Yet a core of desire

Lie upon lie
Nothing else matters
Watch ourselves burn
As the mirror shatters.

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A hand

Cold hands
Warm heart
Broken pieces
Forever apart.

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A memory

They tell me to forget
To erase your heart from my mind
To think of new beginnings
And not what’s left behind

But they don’t understand
That all I had was you
Every single story
Consists of us being two

I forgive them for their judgement
Hoping they’ll come around
Meanwhile I keep on writing
In memory of what I once found.

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His song

I fill myself up
Every note of your song
Longing for it never to end
On repeat all night long

And though it’s unclear what we are
I don’t seem to mind
For I’ll always have your music
To keep my heart alive.

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An appearance

I wanted to tell her
I’ve been there too
I know how she feels
Put-together yet broken in two

Upfront most beautiful
Inside destroyed
Aiming for perfection
To fill the void

I hold her hand
Breathe her words
Pleading with my heart
Understanding it hurts

She’s trembling with fear
She’s flooding her eyes
But her only wonder
Is her mascara alright?

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To fall

I could easily fall back into his arms
And that’s what scares me most
Because what if he doesn’t catch me?

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