He wakes

What does he do with his nights
When he’s lost it all
Beyond free fall

What does he want to hear
When the sound of a note
No longer floats

Can he go through a single day
No thoughts concerned
No fires burn

Or will he endlessly long
For freedom of wings
For life to sing

A tune of joy
A tune of sorrow
Difficult to dream
With fear of tomorrow.


10 thoughts on “He wakes

  1. Those lines from your fellow countrymen/women spring to mind:
    Somehow I’d be doing alright if it wasn’t for the nights
    If it wasn’t for the nights I think that I could make it…etc

      1. Oh I would hate it. That’s why I’m not a seeker of sunnier climes-I would miss the seasons too much. My favourite season is Winter-and my favourite time is twilight. That time at dusk that the Celts referred to as the time-between-time. There’d be none of that with constant day!

      2. In the north of Sweden it’s light almost all day and night during the summer. During winter, it’s the opposite. But then you have the snow which lightens up a bit. I love the seasons as well but I’m definitely more of a sun-seeker 🙂

      3. Twice a year then we will pass each other, crossing hemispheres. You seeking the light, me the dark. Don’t forget to wave 🙂

      1. i get that. these longs days of driving are wearing me out, but when school goes back into session and life returns to the abnormal normal that it is, i will not sleep. i think it is the fact I am too busy driving all of over the place and adhering to everyone’s schedule to think or feel lonely.

      2. I think keeping busy is the key. That way you’re so exhausted at night time there’s no other alternative than to sleep. At least you’re not alone in your worries – we’re in this together, if that brings any comfort 🙂

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