For what it’s worth

Don’t you see it? Don’t you see the hurt in her eyes? The backstabbing pain of horrendous action. It’s there. I promise you. But then again, you always chose to see what your mind wishes to see. Can’t you see differently this time? I’m begging you. I’m on my bare knees, pleading with stripped, aching hands. She’s not got much left. Couldn’t you for once just force your mind out of your pretentious, ugly colored world? I’m not asking for you to victimize yourself. All I ask of you is to look a bit further and try to understand. She’s disappearing. And her eyes are the last piece of life left of her.


2 thoughts on “For what it’s worth

  1. So much passion, depth, of inner reflection speaking to all who can so relate. More than once we were at her shoes. More than once were the ones being pleaded to open our eyes, our heart for love, for the truth, for acceptance , for kind understanding. Words so beautifully woven together like a that special song that makes us all feel so human.

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