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The past

I miss you
I sometimes stare at the sky
Wondering if you see me

Life is different now
I sometimes stare at the ground
Wondering if you feel me

I’m quite lost
I sometimes think of what you did
Fearing I might do the same.

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An inner dialogue

She tells herself
She only needs to make it through the day
But how do you let time flow
Each hour at a time
When a minute
Measured by each second
Feels infinite
Each tick-tock
Induces more pain
And the clock
Seemingly works backwards
Though the hours ease
Each minute enforces
What is no longer present
So what do you tell her
When a second seems eternal
And her day
Reaches no end.

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Their world

She could explode
For the devotion
The incomprehensible emotion
Building up inside

He could erupt
Of the tension
The intolerable unmentioned
Nourishing the day

When they meet
People will flee
Unable to see
A burning love so blinding.

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Dear Sir
For a life without destruction
A path without confusion
An adventure of solemn disparity
Of honesty and clarity

Dear Miss
Application refused
One does not go through life easily when in love
Better luck next time little dove.

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You don’t belong

I know I don’t own you
That you don’t belong to me
I can’t chain you down
I wouldn’t want to

But it’s your slipping out of reach
Which makes me want to tighten
A rope around your heart
Impossible to breach

I would never do such a thing of course
Your soul is destined to be free
Your heart caged only by ribs
Yet I say this with remorse
Every day.

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A life without

I have conversations in my head
Go through the details of what’s been said
Each fragment analyzed
I’m being penalized

I pick your thoughts
Each and every part
Go through the action
Interpret, replace, sanction

I assume what has been felt
Long before a card has been dealt
Plan my feelings accordingly
To avoid destroying the extraordinary

I blame myself for letting go
For cutting the rope
But my head couldn’t think
I was drowning, no longer in synch

I hope you can forgive
To continue on, to live
A life without me
I promise it’s for the best, my darling.

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