Your person

Find your person
High hopes fall
Run from disaster
Stop in pain
To find your person
Tell them it’s not too late
Grab their hand
And run, as fast as your legs can carry you
And hold, as hard as your arms can manage
And love, as much as your heart can imagine
Love them
Until hope, pain and person
Exist no more
Knowing you tried
Knowing you ran
Knowing you found
Your person.


His way

He demands a lot
He takes my feelings and holds them captured
He projects his feelings on to me
I don’t know if it’s my fault
He drains himself emotionally
In a sick way he forces me to feel the way he is feeling
It’s not fair
I don’t want this
It’s as if he’s invested in me and now he can’t let go
He won’t sell
There’s no price at which he will cave
It’s frightening
And I’m terrified.