To lead by example



A name

I want my marks to be left all over your body
When I leave, a part of me will stay
As a reminder of what we had
For the next who comes your way
I hope for a scar on your heart
For every lying word you said
I pray for whoever heals it
To be worth the pain you gave
And should there come a day
When asked why I’m still there
May all your senses burst
As you seize to remember my name.

To ponder

The only constant in life is change, yet at times we are so afraid of it. Are we reluctant to alter, too stubborn to realize or simply petrified of the unknown? There is no comfort in lacking knowledge but perhaps it is in this discomfort zone, in the very periphery of change, we find what we are looking for. There is nothing to fear. Things will change my dear. It’s the only constant in life.