His thoughts

I fell I love with her when she wasn’t looking. And at first I thought it would pass. Then I hoped she’d done the same, but that she was just too afraid to tell me. But as the days passed by, I started contemplating. Maybe her look was needed in order for it all to work? And how do you then force a person to see, when they are unwilling to open their eyes?


The pleasure

My thoughts precisely, Mr. Warren.
An excuse is no good if the meaning behind has no power or trust.
For what is the point of utter stutter of words turned into phrases if no heart is felt, no warmth embraced?
The sentence reaches not far and merely hangs in the air, no path to follow.
It has been left alone, having never been anchored.
No, your excuse is no good to me if it solely aims to calm your conscious.
Goodbye, Mr. Warren.
The pleasure was only yours.