La panique

And still you panic
You freeze
Allowing for every emotion to catch up with you
Encapsulate you
Grasp you and never let you go
This is wrong
This is wrong
This is not how it is supposed to be
Over and over
Words repeated
But for what
Loss in motion leads to disappointment
Lack in courage causes destruction
This is it
Damn you panic.

I am here

I see you, he said
With all his pride
Tightly tucked
Beneath blue collar
With patterned tie
And navy colored suit
If stripped to skin
The marks remained
Hidden from day
Unexposed by night
Yet he spoke
I see you, he said
With hand held warm
In moment of rush
If minute had frozen
A bubble of seconds
Words containing
No meaning of power
Yet as of now
I see you, he said.

Tall tales

Tell tall tales, he said
and you will see what happens
Bring down what was brought up
Reach far above head
If standing on toes
While spilling the beans
Your act will seem grander
Stretched to the seams
Dare not be afraid
To add some spice
But if audience applauds
Consider its price
For tales are only
A fiction of mind
The truth of your story
Wins in time.