I am not your safety

He tells me to come home
To where I belong
To where I’m safe
Protected from fear and dismay
Huddled with warmth
Comforted by our house

But our house is not a home
It is not ours, it is his
It is not where I belong
Without me he is lost
Without me he is incomplete
Yet his presence brings chills to my very being

To turn me into something I am not
He almost succeeded
To believe I was safe and loved
He almost had me
No, his house is not my home
For his presence I have outgrown.


Beat of the hours

What makes Friday more adventurous than Tuesday noon
Sunday morning more beautiful than autumn bloom
A bouquet full of lilies more delicate than a rose
Midsummer dance more memorable than one’s clothes
A touch upon shoulder more warming than embrace
Kiss on the hand more soft than on face
A kitten’s scratch more loving than its fur
Warmth of heart unexpectedly occurred.

Last Monday night

The day I wore three pairs of shoes
And never thought a minute of you
Was not today nor eve before
Was probably last Monday
If I can recall

I walked in morning with sneakers on
Rush of lateness yet steps of calm
Passed by our morning coffee place
Ordered coffee straight up
No signs of your face

Changed into heels as day moved forward
Walked tall and confident with view of far
Caught eyes of strangers with no remorse
Smiled friendly with nods
A flirt of course

And as the Monday evening fell
Made coffee at midnight with slippers in bed
Not a single second of my thought
No wasted time
It was you I had forgot.