Far away closeness

To recollect
What was once
Today no longer
In the heat of a split moment
An emotion, a touch, a person
Viewed differently or the same
All in hindsight
Of what was
Yet still is today.


A life

The days. Some good, some bad. Start off in mood of wonder, to reach endless despair as evening falls. Commence in feeling of anger, to conclude in streams of salt. Of joy becomes sorrow, a lonely affair. Of fear becomes courage, a peak of hope. The days. The endless, ever-changing days.

Kind regards

I was under the impression
You had learnt your lesson
Of knowing when to stop
To release and unblock

You said it had occurred
The lines no longer blurred
Clarity could be found
Rest assured, be astound

The tormented face
Left signs of disgrace
A surprise no more
As all the lies soared

Do tell me again
Was it this that you meant
When you broke through the glass
Of winter’s past

Was it all planned out
To ignore the shout
And continue in denial
As if our life was a trial.