Monthly Archives: May 2013

An ache inside

The headache from hell
Struck, cliché as lightening
Burst, a metaphoric thunderstorm
Grasping the left side
Reaching out, as in the sky
Wrinkles formed on face
Pain, eyes shut
Body shows, as earth does
Its power
Human, we are only human
Now hush and wait
The morning brings a new day.

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The numbness of warmth

Fragile pieces
She lies naked on the floor
Broken glass
She moves not a bone
Shattered ground
She speaks of nothing
Still among turmoil
She can only breathe
Collapsed foundation
And then…
She falls.

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To miss him

On a day like this
Difficult to express
Make tangible
Something indescribable

Words unnecessary
A phrase desired
One touch required

Combine senses with matter
It’s true
Where’s the ladder
A step closer
To sky above.

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