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Anything but blue


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You are welcome

To wake up from a dream
And realize reality is far better
A comforting feeling
A breath of new
You are welcome.

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Limelight moment shadow casted

You know that song you have, which you consider to be yours? You have a relationship with it, a special bond. Perhaps it describes a certain feeling of joy or a moment of truth. Maybe it recalls a memory, shared with others or experienced by just you on your own. It is a tune you hold to heart, not easily shared with others. For they do not understand the attachment, the emotions, the mess and chaos behind the notes.
When it one evening suddenly plays in front of everyone, it strips you naked, down to the bone. Exposed with no comprehension from the others. Does the song lose its power? Does the rhythm no longer synch with your heartbeat? Do the notes now suddenly seem out of key?
Something which was preciously yours and intimate is now bloated, unfolded. Limelight moment turned sour, unwillingly.
‘Are you alright?’ someone asks.
‘It’s all in your head, dear one,’ says another.
Yes, it’s all in my head. Now where do I go from here?

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The day was special she was told

Her face has a glow, they say
Her body shines
Her eyes have forgotten all the sorrow
Her lips form euphoria
And she lives as if there was no tomorrow

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It was a summer romance

As autumn’s wind grew stronger
A tone of copper red embraced the city
Nights grew longer and the sky turned darker
The sun no longer embedded with the strength of yesterday
Colors faded as the earth slowly sealed
Preparing for winter’s hibernation of love.

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What he never sees

Trace the corner of his lips with her fingertip
A fine line, pencil thin
Gray in scale, flushed from day’s exhaustion
With day break, a slow return of color
Light pink sprinkles of warmth return
Rested by minutes of peace
Softened by touch of strength
Humble he wakes
Unaware of hours passed.

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