Hello stranger

We all begin as strangers.
It is up to each and every one of us to find the beauty in our next or choose not to. But remember, we are all equal. We all know nothing yet everything when we first meet. Be kind, for a stranger cannot simply be an unknown forever. There lies possibility in every hello.


Think again

I will miss you tomorrow
But today, today I have no intention of doing so
Tomorrow you can occupy my mind
But today, today I will waste no time
Tomorrow I will let you in
But today, today you have no key
Tomorrow I will let you destroy me
But today, today I am invincible
Be sure, tomorrow will never become today
You will always be a tomorrow
For there is no room for you in my today, any day.

The Apartment

I sit on the floor of an empty apartment
Without furniture the space seems endless
The floor, partially dust covered
Traces of late night dancing with heels too high
These walls, now bare stripped.
Used to surround, warm and embrace
Used to hide, fear and ignore
These walls, saw it all
Art and photographs in cardboard boxes piled in the hallway
Memories packed away
This place carries the best and the worst
Once a place called home, sweet home
Once a place called hell, damn hell
Window sill now pale
Used to sit and capture the last ray of sun on a warm summer’s night
Used to sit and stare at the same sun feeling no warmth
It is daunting to realize
What a paradox one’s life is.

Life as it should be

Life is like a fight.
You’re in the ring, against someone else, fighting a battle
You’ll always have spectators,
An audience who voices their opinions,
They can cheer you on, they can hate on you,
They will try to steer you into a corner,
Tell you how to throw a punch,
Scare you with facts on your opponent’s feisty hook
But at the end of the day, know that you are the one in the ring
You are the one fighting
How can the audience see with your eyes when they are looking on from the sidelines?
Know also that the more you love your decisions, the less you will care about what the others think
Throw the punch, don’t throw the punch
Duck, dodge
Go full on.
Pick your battle. Fight your fight. Live your life.


Meadow of love

It’s amazing, life.
How one day a stranger
Grown friend the next
Fresh bud lover a day after
Blooming souls follow
Full blossomed and brought to life
Bees and wind help spread the seeds of fruitful beauty
Yet petals fall and wither
But rooted, in shadow preparing for a season change
Years pass
Once a lonesome bloom turned flowering meadow
Strangers no more
From one day to the next.

The morning after

The sheets of the night before
They drape the skin of the bed
Lay neatly no more
As proof of what has been said

The pillows have lost their fluff
Lay flat at the top of the bed
An illusion of soft, not rough
Impression of a calm head

The morning has slowly awoken
Sun casts its rays on the bed
Day has finally spoken
Enough of the night has been said.