To George

I started. “What’s not enough for you, George? The fact that I carry my phone around wherever I go, to see if you send me a message, a text, call me, give me sign of life? That I sit up and wait at the kitchen table with your favorite meal cooked almost every single night even when you still fail to come home? That I fall asleep with my phone on my chest or in my hand because I want to feel the vibration of your message or the ringing of the phone? The fact that my phone is the closest I’ll ever be to you and that I’ve come to love it more than you? Or is it the fact that I stay up all night and all day to give you everything?” I breathed. Then continued.

“Tell me, is that enough for you? Because frankly I’ve given you every damn bit of me, George. I’ve given you every single part of me and yet you still seem to feel that it isn’t enough. Is anything ever going to be enough for you? You’re tearing me apart, bit by bit. Like an empty sheet of paper, I’ve become the torn up pieces lying on the floor that you walk all over and never care to pick up. And I swear, the day you finally chose to pick them up, clean up your terrible mess all over our floor, it’s going to be too late. Because when that day comes, George, everything will mean nothing at all and I’ll have moved on. I’ll have moved on and glued myself together without your help, and without you.”


Alice and Teddy

Alice doesn’t live here anymore
She’s been gone for quite some time
She left one day
When the skies were gray
With a suitcase dragging behind.

Alice doesn’t live here anymore
She left town without a trace
She walked away
With nothing to say
Leaving Teddy with the saddest face.

Alice doesn’t live here anymore
She fled to someplace unknown
She could not deal
With Teddy’s shield
Forgetting the place called home.

Teddy lives here alone nowadays
He can’t seem to understand
Why Alice left
With a feeling of theft
Never to return home again.

Admiration is inspiration

I look at them and smile
How can I not?
It’s beautiful what my eyes see
Few ever live it yet wish for it everyday
What they have, untouchable
Yet seen by even the blind
Felt by even the cold
No one is heartless when touched by enchantment
No one is ruthless when touched by a guiding hand
They’ve come far
And for their courage, strength and bravery, I admire them.

Working girl run

I’ll take it to go, my coffee, gotta run, fast, life in a hurry.
Places to go, people to see.
But I still have the time to smile. And say thank you.
No matter how stressful the situation, there’s always time for a sign of joy.
My pause of happiness to share with you.
And now, I’m off.
With a smile, my coffee, and the thought of your warming touch.

A goodbye

You shouldn’t have to say goodbye
Goodbye is forever
Goodbye is an ending, a finish, the termination of time
It is never good and there is no love nor happiness in goodbye
Yet it is the truth, reality
The time comes to say the word
For closure, for good, for forever
No more so long, see you later or tomorrow
As of today there is no more tomorrow, no more later, no more him.
Goodbye, handsome one
You are forgiven, but never forgotten.