To conquer is to win

“Confess,” he said, “Own up to your mistakes, stop hiding behind your mask, and face it.”
Face it. Two words, so easily spoken from his hardened lips.
“If you only knew,” I uttered. But there was no point. His eyes had turned dark of anger, drained in sadness and his face shown of betrayal. His body stood in the breaking of dawn, ready to attack with the wink of an eye. He would never understand.
We stood there in silence, my body sucked from all its strength, moon light shining on my face. It was as if it was on his side, forcing me into the light when all I wanted to do was hide. It wouldn’t let me. He wouldn’t let me. I met his staring eyes in the dark.
“I’m going to go now,” I whispered.
As I slowly fumbled my way to the door, I felt my every step becoming heavier and heavier. He was letting me go yet never before had I felt so weighed down and chained. The moon light and him, together and strong. I was not free. I could not hide.


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